Tools for Resilience

In this past year we have learned how important it is to be resilient.

The tools that we can apply in order to build the skills that improve our resilience and adaptability, that improve the probability of being able to cope with the various conditions and the situations that surround are of crucial importance.

There have been a scary handful of hours a few days ago, where in a large part of the world Google, and its various platforms became unavailable, whether it was Gmail for sending and receiving email messages, or it was YouTube for uploading or watching videos, and many, many others.

It is easy to realize that relying excessively on those platforms and tools can cripple our ability to be resilient to adapt and to be fit in a complex situation. We must keep evolving our tools: especially peer to peer, distributed, and decentralized platforms are a must. We cannot afford to put our individual, and social survival at risk by relying to an excessive degree on centralized tools regardless of how rich they are, regardless of how their features correspond to our needs, regardless of how they have provided us a stepping stone towards a deeper understanding of the world.

It is one of the reasons why it is so irresponsible to pretend that peer to peer tools are equivalent to infringing or even criminal purposes. It is ridiculous to paint with a wide brush and just pool every possible use together, completely excluding fundamental, legal, and even vital uses that do not rely on the sanctioned permitted compliant regulated platforms.

You owe it to yourself. In order to proceed in your becoming more resilient, you have to learn, teach, adopt and practice what these tools allow.

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