Jolting Decentralization

Technological change not only accelerates. It is jolting.

What are the consequences of this jolting technological change? Several years ago, I concluded decentralization was the unstoppable consequence across many different sectors. I could see that new technologies were leading in the same direction.I published. at the time the Network Society Manifesto and the Fundamental Thesis of the Network Society about the nature and the consequences of the social economic transformation

Energy, manufacturing, food, health, learning, finance, security and policymaking are subject to profound disruptions, with jolting technologies acting on them. Each going towards decentralization!

The number of experiments being run worldwide to find what works is exploding and  of course a myriad of them fail, but it is enough that some of them succeed, they will spread like wildfire adopted by everyone, because of how attractive how exciting how inclusive how emancipating and thrilling, the new solutions are.

Jolting decentralization is going to characterize your life in the coming years. The surprising developments of incredible leverage that the crowd can have, whether in economic, political, or other ways. The weird fashions and manias that grip us reverberating globally from continent to continent. These are going to stay as a feature of these times. We have to recognize the power of these forces, and we have to develop healthy defense mechanisms, to differentiate what is meaningful from what is plain crazy. The centralized structures’ ability in doing so is going to rapidly diminish.
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