The Judgement Call Podcast #14

I was invited by Jared Erickson to participate in his podcast to talk about the future of humanity and the universe.

In particular we went over:

  • The forgotten story of COVID-19 spread in Europe in late 2019
  • What makes a Futurist?
  • What does the Fermi paradox tell us about intelligent life in the universe?
  • Is Peter Thiel’s ‘Big Stagnation’ thesis spot on?
  • Why the jump in Artificial Intelligence progress (2012-2020) is so meaningful.
  • What is a ‘jolting technology’ as introduced by David?
  • Will AGI happen soon? Why ‘human level’ AGI is not a good comparison to look at.
  • Will the ‘knowledge singularity’ happen in 2038 (i.e. a human level AI will be available for $1,000)?
  • Why we haven’t been visited by intelligence from outside the solar system?
  • How can we ‘colonize the universe’ despite being able to travel ‘just’ with the speed of light.
  • Are we in a simulation and how will we simulate ourselves?
  • Has the world really gotten way more complicated in the last 20 years?
  • Is ‘string theory’ flawed after all?
  • The case for ‘Universal Basic Income (UBI)’ as per David Orban.
  • What are the technologies and fields that will see exponential growth in the next 10 years?

You can listen to the whole episode here.