Living with AIs

Artificial intelligence is going to permeate what you do, and learning to live with it is a skill that you must acquire in order to understand the world of today and tomorrow.

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that has been simmering for decades and promising incredible breakthroughs described by science fiction books and movies. We used to discount it, but now we can’t do that anymore: AI is here, and today is the day with the least amount of artificial intelligence around you. Every day, from today onwards, is going to have only more of it.

The ability of AI to act, promoting ethical systems and ethical decision making, ultimately, is summarized in the expression “AI For Good”: we have the ability to choose, every time we adopt and deploy advanced technologies, what we want to do with them, and AI For Good is the ultimate desire to make sure that the powerful technology of Artificial Intelligence is going to be deployed in a manner that benefits humanity. that inclusively promotes the opportunities of everyone. 

Taking advantage of AI today is a stepping stone to be able to coexist with AI in the future.