Defi: Inclusive Opportunity for a New Finance

Modern finance’s powerful tools, but also just simple lending and borrowing are unavailable to billions of people.

Decentralized finance, or DeFi is a new generation of technologies that aims to eliminate inefficiencies, and emancipate billions of people with the help of modern finance.

DeFi emerged over the course of the past few years, mainly based on blockchain technologies, overcoming the costs and the bottlenecks associated with the traditional approaches. We are at the beginning of exploring its implications, but already billions of dollars are flowing out from the traditional banking system into the decentralized finance platforms.

At the Ritossa Family Office Investment Summit last week in Monaco, there was a lot of attention on DeFi, in particular on EQIFI, a new DeFi platform led by Brad Yasar as CEO.

Brad also announced at the conference that I am joining Beyond Enterprizes, which he founded, as Managing Advisor.