Glorious Times

We live in glorious times. 1000 years from now people will look back and wonder: “How was it to live in the 21st century?”

Did we realize what we were going through and how fundamental the decisions that we made would be seen in the future?

There are unique moments in history that we recognize as very important, and even now we are living a unique moment of transition and transformation that is as important, probably more than any other time in history. It is our collective mission to build the basis of inclusivity and empowerment that allows as many people as possible to realize that they are active participants.

One of the characteristics of our glorious times is that we have realized that we are all one. There is no human that is an enemy.
We have so many challenges, that what we lack is enough people taking part, to realize what we can achieve yet. We don’t have enough talent, because we allow it to be squandered. We need people all around the world, not only to fulfill their individual potential, but to join the ranks of those who believe that it is worth fighting the challenges in order to overcome them. There are billions of people who are already learning what tools are available, learning that indeed we have methods that are reliable that can analyze what are the solutions, test them and then implement them at scale. That is what can be embraced all over the world, in every continent. In every country, in every community.