Metaverse Infrastructure and Business Models

There is an explosion of interest around the concept of the metaverse, and it is worth describing its various features and the parameters that can define how different people may interpret it.

What is the hardware and the software that can support it, the new business models that can be disrupting the existing leaders of technology, and how Artificial Intelligence has an important role to play.

We have many different words that from time to time we employ to describe our concepts of digital reality. It can be the Matrix, it can be virtual reality and augmented reality, it can be the Metaverse and many others too. For the past several months, there has been an increasing level of interest around this set of concepts. I am talking about digital realities. Because for me, describing, implementing, and leveraging what we can do in the digital world is not inferior, it is no less real than what we can do in the physical world.

Whatever the application, a new business model now is available, based on NFTs, and it is here to stay. NFTs  implement unique traceability for digital objects. Based on Blockchain, globally distributed and decentralized networks that are becoming ever more powerful and ever more important and impossible to ignore.