Financial Freedom for All Indians

What is going to take to move Bitcoin and Blockchain and crypto from 10s of millions, maybe 100 million to billions of people adopting it and using it daily.

I’m here back in Dubai, where I will be speaking at conferences, talking about the various crypto technologies that are certainly very important. However, often, the teams that are analyzing how to improve these technologies, neglect other fundamental barriers to adoption.

So many wonderful technology solutions require dozens of difficult steps until you can do something, while others have a promise of providing you with great financial returns. However, they require a commitment and the ability to manage the risk that not a lot of people have. Finally, even though we speak English, and many of the people follow us as well, the vast majority of the people on the planet do not. It is crucially important to overcome these barriers if we want to scale crypto solutions to billions of people.

For the past few months, I have been working with a talented and passionate team that is building exactly that: CheetaX is focusing on India’s 1.3 billion people, which is a huge market opportunity. Their current solutions for savings provide abysmal returns, and the population is ready to adopt something new. It has one of the largest Internet populations in the world, and smartphone distribution is huge: an estimated 800 million people have smartphones.

CheetahX wants to provide a very simple solution with easy onboarding, and the one-click decision for a bridge towards what we call DeFi Yield Opportunities, really simplifying what can be done. Not everyone in India speaks English or Hindi, and as a matter of fact, hundreds of millions of people speak neither of those two languages, but their local language.

CheetahX plans to release its application in seven languages to provide a necessary gateway to crypto adoption to these hundreds of millions of people, and the time is now because the infrastructure is here. The people are ready. We need to provide them with smart solutions. And we need to enable them to learn so that they can adopt crypto and its advantages. CheetahX is already providing the waitlist for signing up in their application, and they also have a native token that will be used as a reward token in their learning platform, and so many other ways.

On people can already start understanding how they are aiming to approach this incredibly rich and promising market. Will India be only the first step? Will CheetahX go on to conquer Southeast Asia or Africa or other important markets? Well, we will see but the billions of people who haven’t been using Blockchain and crypto solutions until now certainly have a new player that they can leverage If they want to make their first steps in this exciting world.