Jolting Dynamics at NVIDIA’s Announcements

NVIDIA’s recent keynote at Computex 2023 in Taiwan showcased the power of Jolting Technologies, demonstrating the increasing rate of acceleration in the technological landscape. While exponential growth would result in a straight line on a logarithmic chart, the combination of hardware, data, and algorithms creates a steeper slope, representing the shortening doubling rate and the jolt of increasing acceleration.

To witness firsthand the significance of NVIDIA’s advancements, watch the keynote video where Jensen Huang discusses how the company surpassed Moore’s Law and supports the capabilities of current AI systems.

Jolting Technologies operate within a distinct realm that sets them apart from exponential phenomena. Their initially hidden nature makes them even more challenging to adapt to until they suddenly emerge as a formidable force. Developing an understanding, intuition, and practice regarding Jolting Technologies is crucial for enterprises, personal lives, and society as a whole.

To observe jolting dynamics, multiple exponential factors must be at play simultaneously. The resulting complex equilibria make modeling and prediction even more difficult. While astronomical events like asteroid impacts and biological phenomena such as the Cambrian explosion serve as examples, we have yet to witness a civilization-altering change driven by jolting dynamics. Consequently, we have limited data to rely on when considering people’s behavior in such scenarios.

When discussing these challenges, I often emphasize the limits of adaptability and how higher adaptability often comes at the expense of lower adaptedness. Surprisingly, a lower traditional fitness score can predict superior survival traits. Extending the boundaries of adaptability becomes a necessary exercise, both mentally and through technological means. Organizations and individuals that fail to embrace this journey risk becoming irrelevant.

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