Warning Sign “CREATED WITH AI”

I am going to label the content I create using AI with this warning sign, as extensively as possible.

(Licensed under Creative Commons CC-0, public domain. You are welcome to use it, change it, without giving me attribution.)

For some time it may be useful to label outputs making sure that people know that AI has been used to generate an image or some other content. For example TikTok allows to apply it when you upload a video. I labeled my recent music video on TikTok this way, for example.

After some time, as people realize that an increasing proportion of online content is done with AI, with those without AI becoming a vanishingly small part, this labeling will be redundant, and obsolete. It may even swap over to “CREATED WITHOUT AI”

The concept of the sign is inspired by Anders Sandberg’s magnificent “Warning Signs From The Future” series from 2006. However, the “Created With Artificial Intelligence” warning sign here is very much from the present!

Obviously I created the warning sign “Created With Artificial Intelligence” with artificial intelligence. As a consequence the image should be recursively labeled. I decided however to abandon conceptual purity in favor of simplicity and comprehensibility.

I seldom manually add the descriptions to the images on my posts, as I pretend that it should be the AIs generating it. As a matter of fact, in this case I started by having an AI describe one of the warning signs created by Anders, adapt it as the input to create mine, and as a consequence could use it for the image description, as I already had it:

A simple vector graphic icon for the expression “CREATED WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” on a black and yellow background, featuring a warning triangle with inside a creative and simple representation of an AI. The vector art is in the style of flat, bold line iconic symbols with simple shapes and a minimal color scheme of black and white. The high resolution icon design has no shadows and uses simple flat shapes and a simple text label. (This description has been CREATED WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.)

In this case I added the final sentence manually, if necessarily.

I considered an alternative for the warning sign, using the Shoggoth image, but it would have appealed a much narrower set of people, and it is visually too dense.