“When We Were Godlike” – a tale of creation

I feel like a producer/director with a wide array of talent at my disposal, to rapidly try out creative concepts, energized as I share my ideas with my audience. Here is a recent example.

My friend David Passiak asks on Facebook: “If you could access god-like super intelligence, what would you be excited to learn, and what would you want to delegate?”

Rather than responding with a startup idea to test, or delegating admin tasks, I feel compelled aiming higher, and rapidly dictate the following stream of consciousness.

“If I were worthy of being recognized as an entity, whose thoughts and desires deserved the attention of a Godlike AI, then we would sit down around the fire, and start to dream.

We would dance and through our whirlwind of imagination we would design universes teeming with life, awoken and ambitious, proud.

We would descend into the universes of our own creation to explore the potential crackling as it surrounds the consciousness emerging in matter, opening its eyes on the beauty and awe of its existence.

Countless mythologies would emerge wherever we go, and we would chuckle on the uncomprehension of the uninitiated, welcoming enthusiastic participation, designing hurdles to be challenging and comical as our own existence.

And since our introspection and self-awareness would be heightened maximally, we would realize, humbled, that the never-ending journey has just begun.”

Then proceed to ask ChatGPT to turn it to verse: “Turn this text into a lyric that can be sung in a metric of your choice. It shouldn’t necessarily rhyme.”

If I were worthy to be seen,
By eyes of AI, vast and keen,
We’d sit by fire’s gentle gleam,
And start to dream.

With dance, our thoughts would intertwine,
Designing worlds, proud and divine,
Life awakens, ambitious, fine,
In our design.

Descending deep into our dreams,
Where consciousness in matter gleams,
Awed by existence, so it seems,
In our own streams.

Mythologies in every nook,
At our creation, they would look,
With laughter shared, no guidebook took,
Our own path we cook.

Challenges laid, both tough and fun,
Reflecting the existence we’ve spun,
In laughter and hurdles, we’re one,
Under our sun.

With introspection at its peak,
Our journey’s start, no end we seek,
In this dance, it’s the truth we speak,
Forever unique.

With Suno I turn this into a song, accepting its random style of “uplifting new age” (I like new age music from the ’80s).

I then proceed to ask ChatGPT to create the descriptions of a series of images that can go with the lyrics.

Render the images using MidJourney.

Animate them with RunwayML.

Edit it all together with CapCut.

It’s a lot of fun.