Will precedent be set in Italian lawsuit against Google’s YouTube?

As reported by Reuters this morning, and by the Italian news agency Ansa more detailedly this afternoon, the offices of Google Italy have been raided today by the Guardia di Finanza police force, and its American legal representatives have been notified of accusations against them of defamation, and omitted control of the content of a […]

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Italian post-code database liberated from paywall

The Italian Post Office was privatized recently, and they pulled the freely downloadable database of Italian postcodes, right before introducing a new series of postcodes, extensive changes to existing ones, and a new rule by which they would refuse the delivery of any letter with an imprecise postcode on it. Simultaneously they started selling a

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Speaking about the Singularity

I will be speaking about the Technological Singularity at the University of Milan in Crema on November 22 at 4PM. The talk entitled “La prossima singolarità tecnologica: realtà o miraggio?” will be followed by a roundtable discussion, and should be fun! It will also be recorded, and I will be posting as soon as possible

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Google offers downloadable books!

Regardless of the still outstanding legal issues raised by publishers protecting their existing business models, Google is forging ahead quickly in making its Book Search initiative more and more useful. As reported by Bloomberg, based on an email exchange with Google, they have just added the possibility to download full copies of books that are

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