Live blogging The Long Tail

17.20 Chris Anderson is in Milan at a conference, organized by ‘The Ruling Companies’, and a bunch of bloggers have been invited to cover the event live, so here I am, sitting in the first row, and listening to what is being said. I am actually curious to see if there will be new nuggets, […]

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The Trouble With Physics, and the end in sight?

“The Trouble With Physics” by Lee Smolin For hundreds of years science progressed, and physics was one of the main sciences following the method that having experiments and theories going hand in hand, could offer new and exciting interpretations for the worlds phenomena. This mechanism, giving the foundations of our agricultural, technological, and medical progress,

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Google offers downloadable books!

Regardless of the still outstanding legal issues raised by publishers protecting their existing business models, Google is forging ahead quickly in making its Book Search initiative more and more useful. As reported by Bloomberg, based on an email exchange with Google, they have just added the possibility to download full copies of books that are

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