DAOs can Scale to Meet Our Challenges

After corporations and our democracies, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) promise to scale even further our ability to coordinate and to organize. The objective is to achieve our goals in a transparent and accountable manner, and in a flat partecipative structure that doesn’t depend on the infallibility of anyone at the top. The concept of DAO …

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Collective Intelligence

We take advantage every day of our collective intelligence in order to keep pace with the evolution of a complex world, using the tools that civilization has built over thousands of years. These tools allowed us to organize ever larger groups of people in ways that increasingly leverage their best abilities, instead of just ordering …

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AIBC Summit America Digital Panel

I was speaking at a panel during the latest AIBC Summit America, which took place on the 24th September 2020. The covered topics were Blockchain Integration, DAO’s & Fintech Processes. Below you can find the full edited transcript of my answers to the moderator’s questions on the panel. VOICEOVER: Accelerating growth, Blockchain integration, DAOs and …

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