machine learning

AI’s Astonishing Progress

What are the highlights of Artificial Intelligence development in the past year or so? I define Artificial Intelligence as a Jolting Technology. Rather than a constant rate of doubling, like the two years of Moore’s Law, AI progresses with a shrinking rate of doubling. Its rate of acceleration is increasing. Stanford University with Open AI a […]

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Computer Languages

Originally very close to the machine, now computer programming languages take advantage of multiple layers of abstraction and make developers very productive. Various approaches that reflect the needs of the time are developed and adopted. Object oriented programming, integrated development environments, testing and deployment suits. With time, through the decades, we’ve become able to produce

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Democratizing Access to Artificial Intelligence

The benefits of AI can spread widely through a novel approach by Neuromation, leveraging the decentralized hardware infrastructure of blockchain to generate data for deep learning applications. The recent explosion of concrete and widespread applications of Artificial Intelligence is due to the availability of ever more powerful hardware platforms and sophisticated algorithms, coupled with very

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