Blockchain Technology And Decentralized Governance

In a context of exponential technological development, old centralized models of governance may be outdated. Opportunity may come from a new trend towards decentralization, which allows organizations facing global challenges to trial a range of novel solutions adapted to local contexts. In this perspective, what might be the role of the United Nations? It could […]

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Bootstraping humans

Memes made sure they had an environment to thrive on by accelerating the evolution of humans. Research covered in the Guardian describes how the evolution of the human brain has been very quick in confront of that of other species, and attributes it to the pressures of the social environment. The new replicator takes control

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New replicator found?

In an understandably vague article, that tries to explain in layman’s terms the meaning of a new theorem about the interactions of quantum states with the environment, Nature announces the results of a team of US physicists, that aims to explain the objective shared reality we observe, through the involvement of a new replicator. This

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