Social Media

BitClout is the Next Generation of Social Networks

In the world of Blockchain, we periodically have waves of enthusiasm and innovation, where new ways of implementing and leveraging this technology is explored by an increasing number of people: developers, investors, users, experimenters of all kinds. BitClout as of today is barely 2 weeks old, but already about 100,000 people signed up to play …

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The Context S02E01 Backup And Restore

Backup and Restore

The data we create in our activities, online and offline, constitutes a digital wealth, which we own and which we must preserve. Backing up this data is essential, and being able to use it after restoring it. Online services are now legally obliged to allow you to download your data, and many, like Facebook, Google, …

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Social Network Paradoxes

Social networks are connecting over two billion people, soon hopefully all eight billion, and have changed the way we interact. We like to complain about them, but our positions are contradictory. We want connection limits to be lifted, but pretend that all the connections should be meaningful. Algorithmic newsfeeds appear arbitrary to us, but we …

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Human Networks

With modern technology platforms, the networks of connections that we can leverage go way beyond the limits of our biological and social evolution, the original circle of contacts in a village. The Dunbar Number of 150 meaningful connections may increase, augmented by the power of social networks and both synchronous and asynchronous channels of communication. …

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Engaging in the Era of Social Media

In our hyperconnected world over a billion people (is it 2 billion now?) are active on some kind of social media platform. Chief among these are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn–leading to my profiles here—at least outside of China. These are not only technological platforms. The reason why the word “media” is so appropriate is because they …

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