The road, on top of the goal, in Sudoku as well

I resisted trying Sudoku up to today, but Cosimo asked me to, so we took a ‘Corriere’ from a few days ago, and started with the easy one, laying on the big bed after dinner.

I haven’t solved it yet (aargh!, easy?!), and around half way through Cosimo fell asleep, but it was very funny. It was interesting, and stimulating observing ourselves, of how, looking for the first time to the challenge, we were able to apply the, hopefully, right type of Popperian (Gregorian?) strategies. I am pretty sure Cosimo liked it too:

– confronting Easy to Hard, leading to the meta-question “Why is one easy, and the other hard”
– observing the possible choices of starting points, and asking “Could one be better than the other?”
– looking at strategies for solution, and their applications
– analyzing strategies, and confronting them
– ordering strategies, and asking “Are there wholes in this list, with entire batches we might be missing?”
– tracking behavior, choices, and backtracking if necessary
– …