Wolfram does music

When Stephen Wolfram’s long awaited book A New Kind Of Science came out, one of the challenges of reviewers, and readers alike was finding good examples of applications for the approach described. The feeling of power, and importance that the author wanted to project was often lost on those who couldn’t follow the mathematics in the weighty tome.

Music is a great emotional connector, and now Wolfram came out with a nifty application of his approach in WolframTones, which generate music based on parameters that can be chosen interactively, through the dynamic choice of cellular automata rules.

You can also download (for a payment) the music as a ringtone for your phone. Rather than collecting those dollars, and restricting the viral value of the music generated, I’d recommend Wolfram giving them away for free, and popularizing the concepts even more quickly. Nonetheless, a very funny site for mathematical, and musical exploration!