Now a second nation capable of sending humans in space!

As broadcast live on Chinese national TV, and announced by the People’s Daily Online, now a second nation alongside Russia is capable of sending a human crew in space for extended missions.

I wonder when the US will also gain this technological capability?

2 thoughts on “Now a second nation capable of sending humans in space!”

  1. With time passing, it sounds less and less likely that the Americans made it to the moon thirty five years ago – and that they will be able to repeat the performance only in 2008, one year after the presumed Chinese flight.
    In all cases, it would be nice if the Chinese can make it to the spot of the Apollo 14 mission and verify the claims. 🙂

  2. Isn’t it great when conspiration theories can be disproved? I don’t think that the Chinese will go and check the landing site, but it will be certainly a private flight sooner or later, since it won’t have any scientific value, but a lot of entertainment value.

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