Pete Worden invites online collaboration with NASA

I attended the speech given by Pete Worden at the International Space Development Conference, which was also held in Second Life on NASA’s Colab island

My question:

Second Life is an inherently Global environment, is NASA taking this into due consideration, as it could draw on the input and expertise of a worldwide participatory audience? This is especially true for Open Source software which is being repeatedly mentioned.

was the first during the Q&A and was relayed to the physical audience after the SL text by the voice of Drew Frobozz, the coordinator of Colab.

Pete confirmed that indeed NASA is welcoming input from all the residents of online worlds, and that he is very much looking forward to be able and start as soon as possible the concrete participation to live missions via telepresence.

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  1. Pete Worden invites online collaboration with NASA

    NASA Ames Director Pete Worden recently appeared in the virtual world Second Life, inviting groups to collaborate on the Ames Co-Lab sim.

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