Documentary about online worlds: “Inside The Metaverse”

Last week in London I sat down for about an hour of great chat as I was filmed by director Steven Dhoedt of Visual Antics and his crew for his feature documentary “Inside The Metaverse“.

Filming the 'Inside the Metaverse' Documentary

I was very pleased with his questions, and hope that my answers were meaningful. Steven is now going to produce a trailer with the material collected, and they are aiming to have the documentary ready by the second half of 2008, and start showing it at various film festivals, aiming for a proper cinema release.

Documentary crew and subject

The questions Steve posed were in my opinion very good, and at least according to my sensibilities, are going to lead to a great film, worthy of Kevin Kelly’s ‘True Films’ list. We covered the sociological, and philosophical implications of the widespread use of online worlds, and spread into issues of human nature, future worlds, and the Singularity. That at least was the spread of the gross quantity of recordings taken, with obviously a potentially different end result after the necessary editing taking place.

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