Press roundup of my Virtual Worlds Forum talk

At the Virtual Worlds Forum so much has happened really that it will take still many posts to get it all out of my head, if ever. Much quicker then me, because of course it is their job, and also they’ve got to move on to other assignments, journalists, and pro bloggers are giving a great coverage of the event, as also listed by Sasha. Apart from the general list at the previous link, here are a few that mention specifically the panel I participated in:

At least the chicken kebabs were real

Screengrab of The Times Online

  • The Times: “At Least The Chicken Kebab Was Real”: gotta love that title! Worthy of the best classics from The Onion (like the immortal “God Answers Prayers Of Paralyzed LIttle Boy – ‘No,’ Says God“). “David Orban, chief executive of Questar, a software firm, thought they could: “I disagree with the idea that it’s not possible to regulate supply. [The goods have] an artificial scarcity, but there can still be a rarity factor,” he said.” That doesn’t sound like me, but I will look at the recording! I recall of having actually quoted Cory, and said that bits won’t become less easy to copy in the future then today. Yes, ‘limited editions’ will be of great emotional value, but their limitedness will have to come someplace else then lack of copiability or unforgeable timestamps… (They originally misspelled my name, and only a friend’s pointing the article out to me let me know abou it. I wrote them for a correction, which they did within
  • Tech Digest: Live Blog: “David Orban, from Questar, loads up his Powerpoint presentation (well, the Mac version…he’s been sitting next to me the whole day typing away on his Mac). He talks a lot about 3D printers, and the possibility of owning a good in a virtual world, and being able to print it out and own it in real life, too. Somehow I think this is several years off still!” Well, yes, Katherine, and some of us are actually thinking farther ahead than the end of the current quarter! 🙂
  • Ugotrade: “Cory Doctorow – A Reverse Surveillance Society” In this fantastic almost-book-length post, Tish, the publisher of Ugotrade, covers many, many areas of the Forum. It is the third time she quotes me in a month, and hope her readers are not fed up with it. There’s more to come, so they’d better not! “In the picture above David Orban shows a delighted Ginsu Yoon his new Second Life viewer an: “Immersive stereoscopic projection of a life size screen covering 180 degrees of vision, connected to the live grid, tracking the avatar with ultrawideband emitters, created by the University of Milan and Eximia, in Italy.” David has posted a video gives a full explanation of “Real 2nd Life” on his blog, so check it out!“. I suggested Tish to list an index to the post, and put anchors in the text, so that people can actually point to parts of it, it is so long…
  • Inside the Metaverse: “We managed to get some in depth interviews with the following people: Aleks Krotoski (The Guardian), David Orban (Questar), Corey Bridges (Multiverse), Betsy Book (There), Ginsu Yoon (Linden Lab), Richard Bartle (University of Essex), Robert Lai (CRD China) and Frank Campbell (Mindark). Many different opinions and many diverse views on the future, but always with great nuance and never black and white.” I am very much looking forward to see what comes out of this. At least a teaser-trailer asap, please!
  • The Guardian: Talking points from the Virtual Worlds Forum. They don’t quote me actually, but used and credited a photo I shot of the special CSI-themed Onrez SL viewer created by Electric Sheep. All the photos I took, and ever take, are Creative Commons Attribution licensed, so anybody can use them, for commercial purposes as well, as long as they credit me as the source of the photo (if somebody wants to do away with that requirement, that is possible too, under separate special arrangements).

The organizers of the Virtual Worlds Forum also graciously agreed to allow me to post the video of the panel I recorded (Thanks, Sasha!), and I am busy editing that as well. As it is longer then ten minutes, and I am not Google which is evidently not bound by the rules it sets for others posting on YouTube with hour long videos of its own there, I will upload it on Google Video.