Liveblogging the Virtual Worlds Forum – Day 1 – Afternoon

From e-tail to v-tail panel at the Virtual Worlds Forum

13:50 Lunch was very good. Just finger food, so nobody had to sit, and could keep shaking hands, and gesturing. I have to start preparing for my panel, so I don’t know how long I will be able to keep writing at this time.

14:10 Kidalicious panel. “Are kids and teenagers the future for virtual worlds?”. Adam, the moderator asks: “Why is it that virtual worlds geared to kids or teenagers are the most profitable apparently?” Answer from the panel “It is a fact that for these kids, they are not even virtual, these worlds are just must part of their day to day lives. They have grown up buying ringtones, downloading screensavers, music, and they are the digital natives.”

15:20 Daan Josephus ABN Amro “You can offer financial services in an online world if it is run within the walls of your own company. And then of course your challenge is to market it to your capte audience.”

16:20 Quoted Kurzweil on the panel “Opensource and nanotech will deliver the goals of communism”.

16:40 Done with the speech and panel about v-tail. Moderator asked “should we be afraid”, answer “yes”. The likelihood of big companies today being able to adapt is low. I recorded the video which I will be posting online asap. Cory Doctorow listened to my speech, asked a question, and after it came and patted me saying “Good panel!” woot!

16:50 The future is blurred panel with Cory Doctorow (aha! Is that why he stayed through mine?)

Cory Doctorow and David Orban

17:00 Nuanced relationships are key to the healthy development of social networks, within virtual worlds, and without.

Google and Multiverse are building the online world to show 3d models built on Sketchup, but Corey Bridges is not commenting on it, even when baited.