Liveblogging the Virtual Worlds Forum – Day 2 – Morning

09:00 A presentation by BP was, I am sorry to say, impossible to follow.
09:30 Paul Ledak from IBM is speaking on interoperability. His introduction setting the stage is longish, I wonder if he is actually going to say something concrete. The announcement that Linden and IBM made in San Jose has been met by skepticism by other vendors and players in the field. They have to start deliver soon, otherwise their credibility is going to be put in serious peril.

I am going into interviews, so it is likely that I won’t be able to blog for the rest of the morning, sorry.
Yesterday night there were three separate parties, luckily not totally overlapping, and we had great chats until approximately midnight. Which means that we don’t have an excuse of an excessive wear and tear not to follow 🙂

Missed the panel with Ginsu Yoon from Linden, and was told that it was pretty good.

Robert Gehorsam, Forterra Systems “One hour of backed up traffic on a busy highway costs the US 100 million dollars of lost productivity. We are helping with the development of virtual worlds that can help teams quicken the reopening of the highways. Zillionics, as defined by Kevin Kelly: the immeasurable amount of data that is coming out of all the sensors. Information about the world is becoming more complete!”

A really good speech. Meaningful, and well delivered. Forterra is funded by InQTel, the CIA’s venture arm.

12:10 At the end of the panel on “Harnessing the power of virtual worlds for corporate collaboration” I asked the question if the flattening hierarchies of corporations as experienced in virtual worlds are being brought back to the physical world, and if they are capable of adapting.

12:40 I am showing the immersive SL video on my Mac in an unedited form to Gartner, IBM, Linden, and others. Must finish editing soon, and post to YouTube 🙂 everybody wants to cover it, and learn more.