Randal Koene on Whole Brain Emulation

Randal Koene on Whole Brain Emulation

Analyzing, and implementing specific brain functions, in order to complement, or substitute them when impaired has been possible for a long time. Hearing aids, or a simple pair of glasses are well accepted tools helping our senses, and our brain functions. There many leaps that researchers working in the field of neuroengineering want to be able to make from this. Applying prosthetic tools to cognitive functions. Emulating larger areas, or larger brains. Enhancing, and extending senses, and capabilities. The final goal being what Randal Koene eleven years ago termed the Whole Brain Emulation.

Here is a video chat with Randal about WBE, where he describes his project, the Tecnalia research institute, what is the current status of WBE, and its timeline. He also tells what he’d do if he woke up one day as an emulated brain, and describes the ethical considerations concerning WBE.

Randal will speak at the Singularity Summit 09 in New York.

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