Talking AI into the night



At Singularity University (SU) the alumni reunions allow every year to catch up, not only with the projects that each of us is working on, but also through the faculty updates, the breathtaking speed with which the various fields are changing. The event, during the weekend right after the Graduate Studies Program’s (GSP) closing ceremony, call back the former students who feel at home in an environment that is very intense, and thrives on the feeling of possibility that a future you shape gives you.

When you are together with likeminded people, and are able to not only talk about your interests, but to speculate on the far ranging implications of topics like AI, robotics, nanotechnology, space exploration, synthetic biology, 3D printing and many others, you really have a hard time returning to the world of everyday preoccupations.

The participants in the courses at SU receive a deep dive into all these subjects and many others, with a concrete view on their applications: how to positively impact the lives of a billion people or more, in the areas of the Global Grand Challenges that are facing humanity.

As an Advisor, and member of the Faculty, involved with SU since the beginning, attending the closing ceremony and the following alumni weekend is a ritual obligation, as well as a great pleasure. During the closing of GSP the team projects are presented, which address with creativity, and ambition the grand challenges, and have the opportunity of moving ahead as a team to build out the prototypes created into real products and companies.

With the addition of the recent accelerator program, and fund at SU Labs, now the offering is complete for maximizing the probability of success for these startups.

SU is expanding globally, and very soon there will be chapters in many cities around the world, to spread a positive view of exponential technologies, and how they can positively impact our lives.