Hi-tech emergency help to refugees

Bitnation Emergency Response

Bitnation (disclosure: I am an Advisor) uses the Blockchain to help refugees to Europe, allowing them to take part of the modern flux of technologies.

There are many low tech needs that those who help refugees can provide. From food, to shelter, advice, and support. Many of the displaced have smartphones, as has been maliciously noted by those who oppose their fundamental right to self determination. This allows the providing of complementary high-technology services, mediated by the global communications infrastructure that unites us today.

A new series of Refugee Emergency Response services implemented by Bitnation, allows refugees to create a digital identity, supported by a network of relationships, cryptographically signed and weaved into the Blockchain. Furthermore, a Visa debit card is available, which can be recharged using Bitcoin, with the sole use of a smartphone, with no bank account. A third area allows the mapping for refugees of safe zones, dangerous zones, places to sleep, and health and support services.