Benefiting from Exponentials Globally

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Singularity University is expanding through the SingularityU Global program. The launch of SingularityU Milan, the first Italian chapter, is part of this program. It allows orders of magnitude more people to directly participate in its events and leverage the power of exponential technologies.

When Singularity University launched in 2009, one of the first things that I discussed with Ray Kurzweil was how to assure that we could involve as many people as possible in the project. NASA Ames has the capacity for 80 students at each of our courses. On top of the ten-week Global Solutions Program (GSP) summer program we added the Executive Programs (EPs), the Exponential Conference series and the Singularity University Summits. Still, not enough people were able to participate.

With the recent launch of the SingularityU Global program, local chapters are opening around the world. This allows a much larger group of people to learn about accelerating technological change, and how it can positively impact the lives of individuals, the enterprise, and society as a whole.


The latest chapter to launch is SingularityU Milan, in Milan, Italy. The number of Italian participants in the Singularity University programs has always been very high. This chapter will enable them to aggregate and coordinate their activities locally. Sign up to the SingularityU Milan newsletter to be informed about its events, like its Facebook page, and enter the Facebook group to discuss its themes.

If you are an alumni of a Singularity University GSP or EP, you can also apply to open a chapter in your city together with the local community.