Get off the pedestal to live the change


I am often asked what is the role of parents, and teachers in an era of rapid change. How can they know that they are doing the right thing in their roles? What is the best way to provide an example, while exposing the new generations to the stimulation of the new? The short answer is that, if you want to be honest, first you have to admit that you don’t know what is going to happen, or what is best. You have to get off the pedestal of authority and infallibility.

If you are a parent or a teacher, but even if you are a business leader, it will be natural for the others to look at you pretending that you have all the answers and know the future consequences of your actions, and what is the optimal path to reach your goals. In reality it is far from this: you are as confused as the others, and the clearer this is, the more readily it will be accepted that the solutions can only be found together. That experimentation with new ways of achieving the goals, the best ways to use new tools that were unavailable a few years ago, can and must be found through trial and error.

At the Network Society Buenos Aires Meetup on February 25, I was very happy to receive a lot of questions, and most of them from women in the large audience. (Video below in Spanish).