White paper on the connected lifestyle

A few months ago I was contacted to contribute to the HARMAN “Connected Lifestyle” infopaper that is now available for download. The Internet of Things is now a reality, and more and more products and services take it for granted. What they deliver to users is achieved through an evermore intimate connection that analyzes, understands, and acts on the context of our technological environment.

In an interactive format online, but also conveniently downloadable as a PDF, the infopaper illustrates the challenges and opportunities of the Internet of Things in our homes, cars, and lives in general.

The process of creating the infopaper involved not only me, but also other experts on the Internet of Things, and the future of technology. I was pleased to see my friend David Wood among them, too. The themes explored in the infopaper are certainly important for the industry, and hopefully their treatment in this format is useful and practical, while entertaining in its interactive format.