Scaling decentralization

What are the consequences of exponential technologies? Can we imagine the transformation of our socio-economic organization if we take them for granted?

Originally observed in information technology, accelerating change is now impacting a very wide range of areas of our society.

In a globally connected world, where ideas spread rapidly, passion and creativity can be found everywhere. In the past 20 years capital efficiency of startups increase by three orders of magnitude. If we needed $10 million to test an idea, now a hundred thousand dollars are enough to find out if it makes sense, or it’s actually stupid. This allows us to discard many more stupid ideas faster, in order to evolve the smart ones. Venture capital focused on accelerating and scaling decentralization, like Network Society Ventures, enables and catalyzes this change.

If a centralized and hierarchical structure was the right one for deciding the best way to allocate resources in the past, today a decentralized one, organized in a network has a chance of being nimbler and outcompeting the older and more rigid alternatives.

We can observe this trend in a series of independent fields, letting us realize that we are observing a broad and deep transformation, a literal phase change of our socio-economic organization, that is unstoppable.

These and other topics are the subject of my keynote at the d10e conference in Bucharest.

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