What is the future made of?

Understanding accelerating change is not easy, but essential if you want to be able to adapt to an ever more complex world. The future is made of exponential technologies, and created by the people who are capable of leveraging them.

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A few decades ago it may have been common to hear the disdainful remarks of a successful uncle as he looked at his nephew hacking computers. Every company in the ’80s and the ’90s had employees that resisted using them, middle managers, or even top managers. Maybe a few CEOs or Presidents still survive who not only don’t understand computers, but are even proud of not using email. But they are fewer and fewer, and there aren’t very many jobs where your economic contribution can be recognized if you can’t use computers, and you are going to look increasingly weird if you insist that you don’t want to.

What started in IT, is now permeating every economic vertical. Digital technologies are changing production, trade and commerce, energy and transportation, health, finance, security, even politics and policymaking. It is a profound transformation that is going to keep changing the shape of society. It is not a single step, but a process that doesn’t seem to have an end.

It is not only reasonable, but necessary to spend time and energy to understand this. Since the mechanisms and the dynamics of the forces at play are not dinner conversation subject for everybody, the effort required may not be trivial. That doesn’t make it less essential.

In a few months in Milan there is a unique opportunity to get really deep in the analysis of these trends, to explore what the future is made of. The SingularityU Italy Summit 2017 is going to cover artificial intelligence, robotics, the future of finance, self-driving cars, blockchain, synthetic biology, and many more areas, in a two-day event that is going to shape your understanding of how you can thrive in the future.