Human Talent Is The Scarcest Resource

In an age of exponential technologies and accelerating automation you would think that the role of humans is diminishing. But it is not actually a paradox, that the opposite is happening. It is more and more important for projects, initiatives, startups, but also corporations, enterprises, to be able to rely on a process that allows to them to acquire the right talent at the right time so that they can execute a solid idea and turn it into profits, change the world positively.

This cannot be done by robots. It cannot be done by machines. The role of human talent and human skills actually is increasing in our society. Whether you are looking for experts in artificial intelligence or self-driving cars, whether you want to design a new token for a very important blockchain idea, you need the skills, you need the experts. What is beautiful about today’s world, is that the search for talent is everywhere. It is itself global as our globalized initiatives and we are not restricting ourselves to an arbitrary radius around headquarters of a corporation, to those people who are already there or who are ready to relocate.

These decentralized teams can collaborate online and we have the examples of extremely successful organizations such as Automattic, the makers of WordPress, with over 500 people, over a billion dollars in valuation, and no offices. Amazing!

Blockable, which is a new initiative in the talent industry looks at how the current limitations of the ecosystem, that includes talent recruiters, corporations that want to hire, and platforms that connect these together can be overcome. Because these limitations are very evident and they create damage. There are jobs that go unfulfilled. There are people whose potential is unexplored and there are profit opportunities that are forfeited.

Blockable is applying its own processes and its own experience to implement on the blockchain a new protocol that allows incentives to be better aligned among the various stakeholders in this complex, but important system. So that talent can be rewarded, recruiters can be rewarded, corporations can be rewarded when things work out well. Profiles are complete, the process is smooth, and it is positive for everybody rather than exploitative.

This is a very ambitious plan that is going to be implemented fully over the next several years, but I’ve been able to see already how the Blockable team in a very solid and very reliable manner is going about analyzing and implementing what are the steps needed in order to fulfill their own potential. And, of course, they will have no problem recruiting the best talent. That is their business! I’m confident that they will be excellent in overcoming the obstacles on the road to success and that Blockable will be an important protagonist in the coming revolution for maximizing the potential of human talent in this age of extreme automation.

(Disclosure: I am an Advisor to Blockable.)