Announcing the Network Society Token – NST

Humanity has always evolved together with technology. We have been able to build the pyramids because we organized resources. There was always one guy who was able to decide what everybody else should do. Then, his aspiration was to leave a sign — to leave an object — after he died so that all of us could see how powerful he was. Everybody obeyed his wants. They allowed him to have this pyramid. Obviously, it is an incredibly beautiful achievement that we see today. But we moved beyond that. Human civilization has been able to empower and emancipate individuals so that more people can decide for themselves what they want to do. This includes our ability to make some mistakes; these did not need to be fatal.

Today we are on the verge of a profound socio-economic phase transformation. We will invent and implement new support infrastructures that are going to emancipate and empower billions of individuals to design their own lives. Hierarchical structures of enterprises and governments (despite having been extremely successful during the past several hundred years in delivering the services and the products that we use every day) are going to be disrupted by this transformation. I call the new social organization at the other end Network Society.

Several years ago I created the Network Society Project, a think tank based in London with ambassadors in forty countries from around the world. I created it to study how policies are being put in place to accelerate (or to slow down) the adoption of technologies that are at the basis of this transformation. More explicitly to study energy with solar, manufacturing with 3D printing, food with hydroponics, health with personalized health, peer-to-peer learning, finance with blockchain, and security with trust networks. Each of these is independently going towards the same direction; they are moving from centralized organizations to decentralized and distributed ones.

We are now launching the Network Society Token, that will be living inside NetsApp. NetsApp is a platform for people to learn how their lives can be better through available technologies.

Whether it is the ability to invest in solar cells or benefit from solar energy. For example, if you are in Norway — where it’s dark six months out of the year — you can offset the cost of your energy that is produced in Africa. That’s the best solar place in the world, by the way. This is what the Sun Exchange does.

Whether the opportunity to benefit from international, commercial real estate, Wealth Migrate makes this available for you. The entry barrier is practically nonexistent; you can use a hundred dollars, or even less. There’s also the opportunity to leverage the data and your professional skills. You can deploy and maximize these opportunities for finding the best career for your corresponding skills and aspirations. ABL allows you to do this.

Many other partner sites in the NetsApp are going to reward people with the Network Society token as they learn, teach, and adopts these opportunities and solutions. The NetsApp is going to be a portal for understanding and onboarding as you adopt these solutions and many others to design and transform your life.