Can Your Dreams Become Credit Worthy?

I met Edmilson Rodrigues years ago, and saw him persist in his dream to create a system that gives access to fair credit to everybody. He created Swapy Network, which aims to connect international investors from countries where the interest rates are lower to credit companies in countries where the interest rates are much higher, providing better returns to the first and lower cost capital for the latter.
It also is creating the Swapy Financial ID to empower individuals, giving them the right to a worldwide financial identity that is valid anywhere in the world at anytime, as well as the Swapy DataMarket that transforms a user’s financial data into value for the user itself.
Think about it: how many people have to give up on their dreams, because they do not have access to the financial resources, nor to the advanced credit systems that are available only in some regions of the world?
The inspiration for Swapy was from Edmilson’s own personal experience, not being able to pursue an MBA in the US, because of the lack of access to credit. Swapy’s use of the blockchain enables it to provide transparency, accountability and liquidity on the network.
The application is already in public alpha, and can be downloaded from Recently Swapy has also been accepted in the Singularity University Accelerator.
(Disclosure: I am an Advisor to Swapy Network.)