Redesign your business model around blockchain

Startups that base their innovation on blockchain and crypto are part of a perfect storm for global-scale innovation and entrepreneurship. Twenty years ago, if you were interested in bringing an idea to fruition and you had the passion, the creativity, the talent, and the luck (i.e., being in the right place in the right time) you still only had a ‘one in a hundred’ opportunity to be successful. Today, anybody can redesign their business model around blockchain and thrive in a new world of opportunities.

I addressed the d10e audience in Seoul with this video call to action to redesign your business models around the blockchain and tokenization.

This new world is characterized by a decentralized support system, where developers, advisors and a global source of capital come together to make sure that everybody has a chance to develop a valuable idea and turn it into a product or service that millions can benefit from. This new world is incredibly exciting. That is why conferences like d10e go around the world to allow entrepreneurs, startup projects, investors, advisors to come together — not only in a specific geographical area but wherever they are.

This was made possible by our global communications network, on top of which blockchain lives. On top of the blockchain are the projects that design tokens offered at ICOs that people can participate in wherever they are. The opportunity is open. Regulators are obviously looking at it and are mostly uncomprehending. They are expected to understand what is going on and be able to predict what is going to happen in the next six months to two years. But this is inherently impossible. The conjunction of different technologies, different parameters as they develop is just too hard to analyze and to predict precisely.

Regulators should be open minded and intervene in the least possible manner to work with the ecosystem to expel bad actors. They must not suffocate initiative and entrepreneurship. The jurisdictions able to attract the talent and creativity are going to thrive.