Join me online at the ExOWorld Digital Summit

Join me online at the ExOWorld Digital Summit on Apr 14-16, organized by @openexo and the #ExOCommunity. Learn more and buy your ticket for just $147 instead of $497 for all three days at the following reserved link:

This 3-day virtual summit gathers leading thinkers of our generation to discuss the current global scenario and find solutions to global challenges triggered by #COVID19.

There will be 1-on-1 conversations with relevant people from around the world providing significant value. Practical breakout sessions on topics that affect you. Q&A sessions with the main speakers after their Keynotes. Award-winning artists to lift our spirits. #ExOWorld

Join the global communities of OpenExO, Singularity University, Xprize Foundation, Network Society, and more. This unique online experience brings together leading thinkers of our time to discuss our global situation and how we act to transform it.

We are living in an amazing yet precarious time. COVID-19 has made many people step back in concern. We want to bring people together in hope. We believe that we can transform the world for a better future. We are using the power of technology to share our current situation but also about the bright future that is ahead of us.