Learning by Doing and Sharing

We gain new skills by making mistakes, as we put in practice the changes needed in what we observe.

The opportunity to share the process accelerates it, because the feedback can arrive from outside observers, whose independent point of view will enrich ours.

That is what I have been doing now for two weeks, streaming live each day, learning how to use the software and hardware tools, how to integrate the destination platforms, manage chat and feedback with the audience, invite and interview guests, and so on.

Come at 7PM CET (Milan), 1PM ET (New York) and 10AM PT (San Francisco) every day, to watch and comment live on Searching For The Question Live (SFTQL), on your favorite platform: we are streaming simultaneously on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch.

Learn more about SFTQL: on the dedicated page you can watch past episodes, and you can also vote on guests to invite as well as to suggest your own choices.

The results have been excellent, with not only great conversations, but also a lot of feedback, a lot of applicable learning.

In a previous episode of The Context I described how digital events are real, and there are many opportunities that are being born around these experiments, with different economic models.

Check out for example the ExO World Digital Summit, being held on April 14-16.