The Future of Work

An idea that is big, valuable, and also important.

Sometimes an idea is both big, and valuable, and also important: this has been the case for Alex Torrenegra, who created Torre, in the $1 trillion global market of HR technology, where still four billion people of working age are without any digital support for their professional lives, even a simple online profile, and where a platform servicing just 5% of its full potential, like LinkedIn with its 200 million monthly unique users, can command a price of $26B in its acquisition by Microsoft.

Why also important? Because we have to counter the fear based narrative that in an age of AI, robots and automation tells people that they are worthless and hopeless. The mission of Torre of making work fulfilling for everyone is empowering, and promises to reverse this defeatist view of the world.

Full disclosure, I’ve known Alex for ten years, am an advisor to Emma, his Venture Studio where Torre was born, and am VP Corporate Development at Torre.