We Are All Ambiverts

The labels of extrovert and introvert represent the extremes of a spectrum. In reality we are all ambiverts, dynamically adjusting our filters as needed.

Communicating, whether creating output speaking or writing, or input through listening and reading, requires both cognitive effort and physical energy. It is a necessary component of our lives. When we are born, we are all naturally extroverts: have you been near a hungry newborn baby? It is not going to be shy about her needs!

The role of modulating our instinctive communication is rapidly acquired, and we understand how to maximize the benefit while minimizing the effort. And there is a definitive need for the ability to analyze and absorb our own internal states. The sleeping brain knows this very well. The process can happen on several levels, and if we don’t feel outgoing at a point, if we are introspective and pensive, then accepting that is important, and leveraging it to be ready to understand the place where the synthesis of the process is going to bring us.

Rather than being boxed in by lazy black and white labels, let’s work towards a more nuanced understanding of our nature, and the evolving needs that we can individually understand, and empathically share.