Serendipity is our ability to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves in front of us.

Mistakenly serendipity is associated with luck, but that is not the case. Our senses and our ability to perceive the world have evolved in a very precise manner to find the fine balance between the maximum amount of information that they can bring to the nervous system for analysis, and its capacity to actually come to conclusions around the information, and decide on the next steps. Information in order to be useful must be actionable and non actionable information is a burden that evolution has trimmed away from our process of acquiring knowledge about the world.

How do you change the world? Because of how and what you have become is of fundamental importance. Serendipity, in this sense, is strongly related to your fitness to your being well adapted, and to your adaptability. And in turn, being adapted and adaptability are related as well, because the excessive degree of adaptedness may diminish your capacity to change. And as a consequence may cancel your adaptability.

If you explore new things, the opportunities for serendipitous discovery are, in turn, improving your adaptability, starting from a given state of adaptedness.

Serendipity becomes the recognition of the value of change in the world, and the value of you changing with the world.