Learn to Earn

What is the value of knowledge? And how can you both acquire and then deploy knowledge in order to leverage that value, create more knowledge, create more value in a wonderful, virtuous circle?

That is the basis of civilization. It has been important but difficult to measure what you could actually do with the knowledge that you acquired as the distance between the moment of acquisition and the moment of application has become very long, or even, as many of us suspect for certain subjects that we are compelled to study in high school, never happens.

There are new interesting and intriguing trends that try to address this: income sharing agreements, such as the services offered by Torre Coach which enable people pay for the value received through their increased income, and blockchain based platforms that pay you as you demonstrate to have learned certain skills.

We have to become better at both learning, and at putting what we learn to work. With both human help and technological help at our disposal, we are lucky and can design a path of continuous improvement.