Megaverse, Multiverse and Metaverse

The recent series Loki explores interesting themes in a smart way of what is the nature of reality, our perception of free will.

It may be surprising to you that reality is not necessarily a fixed and definitive system, but we constantly push against its boundaries. 

Why are the laws and parameters of our particular universe the way they are? What are the differences in the laws of other universes? Through these questions we possibly realize that there are evolutionary selection criteria that lead to one or another of these sets of values.

Megaverse, multiverse and metaverse are three different ways in which we are mapping and understanding the nature of reality. In describing them I introduce concepts of evolutionary fitness in each of them: I’m a universal Darwinist, so I do believe that the concept of evolution and natural selection applies not only in biology, but in every process that has the ability to create copies of itself, with variation, in an environment with constraints. 

Each of these three ways of looking at reality allows us to apply our own preferences and then execute and act on those preferences in order to have a reality emerge that is desirable. With this power we can assume and embody a concept of “creating reality”, comparing it with models that we want and go out in the universe that lives in the megaverse, the multiverse and the metaverse with our wonder, and full enjoyment of our existence.