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A sky really full of stars

One of the favourite sci-fi scenes is that of the sky in the center of the Galaxy, which now has taken a newly visible form. Thanks to Slashdot, I have found a video of the movement of the stars closest to the black hole in the center of the Milky Way. Really fascinating to see …

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Open Source Marketing manifesto

Ok. So ChangeThis kindly sent me the “blogger’s preview” edition of their manifestos. One of them this time is especially interesting, as it talks about “Open Source Marketing”, and yes, it is worth blogging. But, as the manifesto is in PDF, I am actually not pointing to it, but I invite other people to download …

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Opinion radars?

I am always glad to see how a meme could spread… Let’s see if opinion radar is a good one. Opinion radar has been proposed by Marco Montemagno to better contextualize the Technorati tag searches. The link I added to the previous sentence is the example of its use, and actually at this time it …

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