What do you do when you have to speak at two conferences in distant cities at the same time? If you are me, you hire a mime, and stick an iPad on his head, to be your remote body. Telepresence helps in many ways, amplifying our interactions through space and time. From robotic surgeries, to

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Innovation Summit 2017

I was invited to the Innovation Summit 2017 to interview Steve Wozniak, “The Woz”. Here’s the link to the video. Below you can also find the audio of the interview and the transcript     Andrea Poggi: Thank you, Steve. Thank you for coming. Thank you, really. It’s an honor for us that you are

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The New Video Web

The next generation information devices are going to seamlessly display video content, not restricted to a simple window within the browser. The entire screen will be a video, with smart elements that must be understood by the computer in order for the user to fully interact with them. When the Web was born, even support

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Conversational Interfaces Must Be Interoperable

  How can we invest the time to teach our devices about ourselves without getting locked in the solutions of a single vendor? Interoperability of conversational interfaces, centered on the user, with strong support for exporting preferences and personalizations is necessary before they can become widespread. The various operating systems are all moving towards conversational

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I just scored one through virtual conferencing!

I was attending virtually attending CES in Las Vegas, and MacWorld in San Francisco simultaneously today, and greatly enjoyed the fantastic reporting from Engadget of Steve Jobs’ announcements. You could feel the excitement growing about the “three devices” (iPod, Phone, and Internet), which were really one. Then I said to myself, let’s drop a call

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