Virtual reality from the ’60s

The Jesús Rafael Soto exhibit at Gamec, the Gallery of Modern Art in Bergamo, has a nice example of ‘ante literam’ virtual reality in this sphere created by our vision system through colored strings suspended between the floor, and the ceiling. Is there a sphere, isn’t there one?

What color is 2007?

One of the games I always play at the start of a new year is an excercise in synesthesia:what color is the coming year? For example to me 2006 was orange, 2005 was yellow, and 2004 was blue. My colors are not necessarily as neat as the basic ones: to me 2000 is bright white …

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Minimalist Pong

Led Pong Table from Pong, the classic videogame, has taken many forms, but this one is probably one of the most subtle and elegant. The integration of led technology, and touchpads enrich this object without encumbering it with additional design elements. Both leds, for information display and illumination, and touchpads are becoming significantly cheaper …

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