bruce sterling

The Internet of Things

For the past several decades we have been digitizing our information flow, and lately we have started digitizing the world at large interconnecting things that are digital by themselves, and are able to act on the world. This complementary network of networks is the Internet of Things, which is now poised to change the world. …

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OpenSpime: What do you know about your planet?

You have heard about spimes. They are a new class of objects, originally envisioned by Bruce Sterling, author and Wired columnist, who also invented the term by compressing ‘space’ and ‘time’. Spimes are aware of their environment, they know where they are, and when they are, and keep track of some parameter around them. Sensing, …

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Fifty Years of Europe

Bruce Sterling points to a nice article in the Guardian about the latest round of enlargement of the European Union, and observes: “It’s worth pointing out that nobody’s ever clamored to join an empire before. Yeah, that’s pretty weird behavior for an organization that’s supposed to be dull.“ I have been talking about this with …

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