Computer Languages

Originally very close to the machine, now computer programming languages take advantage of multiple layers of abstraction and make developers very productive. Various approaches that reflect the needs of the time are developed and adopted. Object oriented programming, integrated development environments, testing and deployment suits. With time, through the decades, we’ve become able to produce […]

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Quantum Computing

Quantum computers have been under development for decades. Are they about to start delivering on their promise? Jolting technologies, where the acceleration is increasing, can burst onto the scene very suddenly. The quantum phenomena, on which the new architectures are based, needed a long time to be understood and applied. We are still in the

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Crypto’s Planetary Computer

In order to secure the transactions that the decentralized network of blockchain executes, a worldwide network of decentralized computations is executed, increasing in power and capabilities daily. The resources of energy, hardware and ingenuity that are accruing in this planetary computer are economically rewarded. Too many people miss the point of the positive sum game

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Social Evolution And The Internet Of Everything

More than one hundred thousand years ago we began using fire or, more recently, ten thousand years ago, we began agricultural activities, since then our society has always been influenced profoundly influenced by technology and we have had important dreams of achieving social emancipation, of achieving justice for all. The infrastructures we have not only

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The Amazon Mechanical Turk that represents a potential revolution

Amazon has just announced the Amazon Mechanical Turk, which in my opinion will bring great advantages to both the web, and to a lot of people, potentially representing the livelihood of millions soon. The AMT is a web interface linking meatspace with cyberspace at the backend. We are accustomed to seeing people in front of

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