Culture of Remote Teams

For a long time now technology made it possible for teams whose members are not physically together to collaborate effectively. There are multi billion dollar companies with over a thousand employees, and no offices. With the effectiveness of the social distancing measures due to the COVD-19 pandemic, we are seeing a much wider interest about […]

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Adventures in Seoul

Traveling to foreign countries, to experience their language and culture, the different ways of living, is accessible to an increasing number of people. My daughter Giordana is moving to Seoul, and I am with her to help her in the first steps along the road. Her adventures will be fascinating, she will make a lot

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Memetic Ambitions

Memetics is the study of evolution of culture and ideas, in all their expressions. Science, technology, philosophy, all evolve, and our tools for creating, evaluating, agreeing on and implementing ideas with them. We have huge challenges ahead of us, and the best tools are science and reason to face, solve, and overcome them. It is

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The Singularity Arrives in Europe, Streaming Live

Originally published in KuzweilAI News On Saturday, March 5, for the first time, a Singularity-related event will be held in Europe — at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, Italy. Produced by Milan-based research institute iLabs(Wikipedia page here), the one-day, free iLabs Singularity Summit (not affiliated with the Singularity Institute’s Singularity Summit) will feature speeches

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Living In The Cloud

The migration of our lives into the Cloud has accelerated lately, and it is not at all to the detriment of our physical experiences. We need simplicity, in order to face a complex world, and certainly to me this world appears to getting really complex. The unified access to what concerns us, what interests us,

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